Modern greenhouse management 2020

01.02.2020 Modern greenhouse management 2020


On February 1, 2020, in the city of Energodar, Zaporizhzhya region, the conference "Modern Greenhouse Management 2020" was held. The conference was organized by Infoindustria information company in partnership with the UHBDP Ukrainian Horticulture Business Development Project, funded by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, co-financed and implemented by the Mennonite Economic Development Association (MEDA), as well as with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine .

This trend is also noted by Dmitry Gordeychuk, head of the project "Infoindustry":

For the fourth time we are holding this conference in Energodar. Around this city are the main greenhouse producers who grow and sell their vegetable products quite efficiently throughout the country.

Every year we see that interest in closed ground is increasing. This year, 320 people registered for the conference, last year a little more than 200, and in the early years 100-150.

Speakers make interesting topics on the technical components of greenhouses, lighting, nutrition and plant protection, as well as savings when using energy, plant protection products, fertilizers and seeds.

Small farmers should look for ways to develop their business: this is not only cooperation, but also an increase in the value of their products. In addition to traditional ones (cucumbers, tomatoes), they also look for other crops that can be grown in greenhouses. In particular, grapes, strawberries, cherries are already grown in greenhouses, and more and more farmers are interested in this.

Despite the fact that lately the gas has fallen in price, film greenhouses are still the most popular, which are less expensive from the investment side, compared to polycarbonate ones, and quickly pay off.

Demand for film greenhouses will grow despite the opening of the land market, because not every farmer can buy hundreds of hectares. And greenhouses make it possible to earn good money by growing vegetable and fruit crops in fairly small areas.

I think that there will be some kind of optimization in the greenhouses. And given the modern capabilities of film greenhouses, they seriously compete with stationary glass ones. Perhaps the area of greenhouses that are being quickly built, in particular modular or frame, will still grow.

I believe that the greenhouse business in Ukraine will continue to develop, and not only near major cities. For example, in the city of Energodar we have fairly cheap heat, so there are better conditions for local residents to work in the greenhouse business. This is a big plus, which allows you to grow vegetables and fruits on a large scale and sell it even in other countries.

Ukraine has every chance to gain a foothold as a reliable supplier of greenhouse products. Of course, we will not become the second Holland, through outdated technologies for building greenhouses, but the activity of our farmers allows us to compete with Turkey.

Of course, the country is waiting for investments, not so much in the land as in the farmers themselves, in particular in seed production and biological products.
Biological methods of protection in Ukraine are developing rapidly, domestic scientists are quite progressive. Ukraine already has large sales of biological products to countries such as Moldova, Russia, Belarus.

Such market intensity makes us very happy, and we hope for its further development. Through this conference will gain great publicity and popularity as well as domestic greenhouse vegetables and fruits.

Interest in closed ground is increasing annually. This is clearly confirmed by the large number of interested conference participants. For example, the current conference was attended by 320 guests from Zaporizhzhya and surrounding areas. These are quite different people who grow vegetables and fruits indoors in different areas from several hundred to several hectares.

The Ukrainian greenhouse business was presented at the conference, in particular, companies that supply equipment (for irrigation, lighting, etc.), plant protection products, fertilizers, seeds, organize and build turnkey greenhouse complexes, as well as sell the grown crops.

The speakers spoke about the practice of modern greenhouse construction (Andrei Ablogin, DobroTa), and also introduced the conference guests to the latest developments of domestic and foreign plant protection products and fertilizers, in particular biological origin, pheromone and mechanical traps (Vladimir Zhmudenko, NPK Kvadrat) ; Sergey Vdovenko, “BTU-Center”; Denis Mirgorod, AgriSol; Pavel Volynets, LLC “Agritema”, Vladimir Moshkin, “BioZashita” and Andrei Goncharov, LLC “NPP“ Biochemical Ukraine ”).

At the end of the speeches, the organizers summed up the conference and gave presents to those present, and during the festive buffet reception, guests were able to communicate in an informal setting with their colleagues and like-minded people, as well as share their own experiences or production failures.