About company

LLC "INTER-PRIVAT" is the manufacturer of LED phyto lamps for greenhouses that meet the highest world lighting standards for industrial and home growing plants.

In 2008, LLC "INTER-PRIVAT" developed and produced the first line of phyto lamps for greenhouses - AgroLED.

Our electrical engineers developed and, subsequently, produced a power supply unit that meets the requirements of all greenhouse farms to create effective lighting.

One of the latest solutions is the LED Spectra line of lamps, which will find their application at all stages of cultivation: from seed sowing to an adult plant.

The manufacture of the lamp, starting from the production of power electronics and ending with the assembly, is carried out in Ukraine. To organize a full cycle of mass production, we have created a production site equipped with the most modern equipment. This allows us to produce a high-quality and reliable product.

We have significant successful experience in introducing additional lighting systems using LED lamps both in industrial greenhouse complexes of Ukraine and in small private greenhouses.

For the first time in the world, we have implemented a project for lighting industrial greenhouses with LEDs. More than 50 thousand m2 of area used for tomatoes and over 55 thousand m2 of area used for cucumbers were equipped with inter-row lighting lamps.

AgroLED TOP main lighting lamps are being used  throughout greenhouse complexes of Ukraine since 2017.

We carry out turnkey projects - our experts will perform all the work on the design of additional lighting systems, mechanical installation of lamps and network wiring. The lamps are connected to the mains in the existing automatic climate control system in the greenhouse.