Purchase AgroLED lamps using leasing

15.11.2018 Purchase AgroLED lamps using leasing


Most currently used gardening fixtures have a predetermined spectrum.

Purchase of AgroLED lamps on leasing terms.
We propose to greenhouses to purchase AgroLED-II (TOP) LED lamps using financing on leasing terms, which is a profitable alternative to credit.

Together with the leasing company, we offer individual programs that enable greenhouses to acquire high-quality, high-tech lighting equipment as a property in the shortest possible time with minimal losses.

The purchase of AgroLED-II (TOP) lamps on lease differs from lending and has several advantages:

    1. Without a down payment.
     2. Transparency of the conditions of receipt.
     3. Monthly payment in the amount of 320 UAH. per month.
     4. The term does not exceed three years.
     5. No hidden extra charges.
     6. Optimization of tax payments. Reducing the base for the calculation of income tax, since payments under lease contracts refer to the section of the enterprise costs.
     7.  The customer receives a credit for VAT paid on the total value of the leased asset at the time of its receipt.