LLC Ukraflora-Vinnitsa


According to the results of monitoring cucumber hybrid “Atlet” in February 2017, in LLC Ukraflora-Vinnitsa Anthracite-type greenhouse and the use of inter-row supplementary lighting lamps manufactured by LLC “INTER-PRIVAT”. The following can be noted:

in relation to a control group (without supplementary lighting) the plants have a better appearance, the color of the leaves and the fruit is more saturated, darker, indicating that there is no shortage of lighting in the early stages of plant growth and development. Fruits are evenly shaped and sized.

Experimental conditions are as follow: the total area of the experiment is 168 m2 (3 rows * 140 plants = 420 plants), density 2,5 plants/m2.

Total amount of lighting during the period from February 1 to February 28 was 15919 J / s2.

The harvest began on February 10, total of 348.3 kg was collected until February 28, and corresponds to 2.07kg / m2.

11951.3 kg was collected from the rest of the greenhouse area (9832 m2, except for the experimental area), which is 1.22 kg/m2.

Thus, we can conclude that the use of inter-row supplementary lighting by LLC INTER-PRIVAT LLC, led to the increase in yield in comparison with the control group in February of 0.85 kg / m2 or 69.7%.