LLC "Vegetable Plant Stanishovka"

In 2017, Stanishovka Vegetable Plant LLC purchased from AgroLED-II-100W (TOP) LED primary illumination lamps from Inter-Privat LLC. The company completed the manufacture, delivery and installation work on time. The work was carried out in a timely manner and with high quality.

The main goal of the experiment was to replace 600 W sodium lamps with 100 W LED lamps in order to save electricity without losing cucumber as a grown seedling. It can be stated that the LED lamps "AgroLED-II-100W (TOP)" made it possible to save energy by 5 times compared to sodium lamps during the period of additional seedlings.

Considering the positive result of using AgroLED-II-100W (TOP) lamps, the greenhouse plant plans to abandon the expensive sodium illumination and switch to an alternative modern energy-saving LED illumination.

According to the results of observations of seedlings of cucumber hybrid “Meva” in the conditions of LLC “Stanishovka Vegetable Combine”, in greenhouses of the ANTRACIT type using the main LED illumination with AgroLED-II-100W (TOP) lamps, manufactured by Inter-privat LLC, starting from December 2017, the following can be noted:

- Compared to the control seedlings grown using 600 W sodium-beam illumination, plants grown using AgroLED-II-100W (TOP) light-emitting diodes look better, the color of the leaves is saturated, dark, which means there is no lack of light , white and fluffy root quickly grew in a cube

- thanks to the cold LED illumination, the seedlings grew compact, not elongated, so there were no broken plants during transportation and planting in a permanent place.

- lag in development, compared with the control option, is absent.

Seedlings grown under the illumination with AgroLED-II-100W (TOP) lamps were planted in a permanent place along with a control variant to continue research.

Director of ACS Timoshchuk V.V.
Chief agronomist Alieva Yu.P.